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OC Spectrum Meme by Sesemonda
OC Spectrum Meme
I think this is first meme I actually did, wow. Damn it was long, but fun.
I wanted to use few more ocs, but I was too lazy to draw'em, nohohoh.
About ocs used:

Sasha: Little russian sunshine, loves dogs and jellybeans. Personification of everything that's homosexual and gender-alike. Was bullied a lot, now has panic attacks at nights. Whoops.

Aurelius: Pessimistic piece of crap. Queen of self-care. Vegetarian, their apartment is filled with flowers, plants and Sonny the trash, that they can't kick out. Probably a fairy.

Joel: Enjoys alcohol and some riot at the morning. Does very bad stuff for money.

Nath: Horny little butt. Would bang everything that won't run away from him, but he's to lazy. Loves tomato sauce and juice. Big and tough, is afraid only of his shorty-loud bae, Jax.

Connor: Self-consious nerd. Extremely introverted, afraid of big dogs. Smarty-type, loves science, tumblr hoe. Fangirls over Marvel especially Captain America, would bang Steve Rogers/Chris Evans (who wouldn't) but will never admit it.

Patrick: Always bald and angry. Hates everything. Especially homosexuals. Would beat the crap out of any gay person he met. Skinhead, works in antiques shop, because no one wanted to hire him, haha looser. Actually crypto-homo. Probably lost Disney princess.

Zac: Painfully stupid, can trip over his own legs. WHAT KIND OF FUCKING STUPID HAIR IS THIS ANYWAY. probably personification of doge meme

all these butts belong to me, yo

blank meme: ó v ó
Prologue by Sesemonda
Well... Yeah. Being dead and alive at the same time must be hard, right Valge?
I keep changing stuff about him and I don't even know, the only one thing that doesn't change at all is his cataract, lel.
no grill-face scar, nope
I kinda like how it looks, even though I got mad few times during drawing (fucking flowers)

Story time~

He was a part of really poor family living on the outskirts of town. They had really hard time surviving, no one bothered helping them, because basically whole locality was poverty- stricken.
One time he went with his little brother to the forest to get some wood and look for anything edible. They had gotten way too far into the woods and were forced to spend night there. Before they had gone to sleep Valge went to look around for last time, just to make sure is it was relatively safe (as if deep dark woods could ever be safe, right?)
He had wandered over and over in circles and when he was just about to head back to his sibling he spotted round white shape that he had missed untill now.
Valge had no clue what it could possibly be, so he decided to take it anyway with him, because it might come in handy anytime.
Just as he touched thing, that turned out to be ram's skull with broken horn he became a host of something that was far more powerful than him. He died shakng in convulsions not being able to get rid off intruder in any way.
His body was found and burried.
He didn't actually stay dead, he woke up in coffin. After he had got out of it (well it took some time) he had no clue where he was and how many time he spend underground. His vision was blurred, he could barely see anything and rememberd nothing, literally nothing was in his head, he weren't able to recall anything but his name.
Confused and terrified got up after few hours of shivering in fear and panically trying to wake up from this nightmare he found himself in. He started looking for anyone who could help him or anything that would help him get home.

*dies* correct me if I made any mistakes in this thing, idk it's late and am tired potato

Valge- my bby :heart:
Valge wip by Sesemonda
Valge wip
Ugh, finishing this will take me like... forever. :iconlazycryplz:
I kinda like how it looks now but nope, lineart, nope, nope.

This little blind, dead fuck Valge- mine
trashy trashy by Sesemonda
trashy trashy
Some very fat guy with serious problems- SourWolfie's oc :heart:

Well... Finally I've drawn something to the very end, lel
I have a lot of sketches and when I try to finish something I go like "holy shit, this sucks so much, I'm not gonna do that"

Sonny is a little trash
he needs lots of love
and food 


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:iconkwasky: little Bae~ :heart:


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