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That's fishy by Sesemonda
That's fishy
Ohoho, dem pun. *shots*
Anyway. I'm sick, it's not that good illness when you can stay at home cough from time to time, drink tea and play video games and do stupid stuff, I feel really terrible and I feel like shit. Like... More shitty, than usual *groans in agony*
Tryin' to fight an artblock so why the hell shouldn't I draw Sasha as Ariel and Shane as Eric? Lel.
I have so many unfinished sketches, so I think I'll finish them and then do new stuff.
Actually I really like Shane's face here. He's all like ok wth am I supposed to do with this XD

Sasha- mine
Shane- SourWolfie's bby :heart:
Moving blogs on tumblr, I need a change.
If you like, you can follow me here
Kinda empty. Brand new. Gotta add my art tag. Well, yeah, that's pretty much all.
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Hangover by Sesemonda
It's school year, woooo, party~ :iconpartyshardplz:
*leaps into active volcano*

New ocs, but acutally pretty old </3
I've never drawn them together before, whaaai D:
The white-haired one is named Nath and he's mine. Total dickhead, lazy and rude informatics student. Also Scottish, because I needed oc like this x'D He's also best bro of Shane~ 
Aaaand that redhead cutie pumpkinpie near him is Jax, SourWolfie's lovely character uvu*
They kind of... I don't know, it's hard to say what's between them. They became acquaintances by an accident and then sort of fuck buddies... But well, how can you be fuck buddies with somebody you aren't buddies x'D
It's a bit complicated </3
This could be actually one of their tough mornings with "the day after" syndrome. I actually like Jax's face, he's all like "Nath, I dunno what happened yesterday, but it was awesome" x'D
I'm lookin' forward to draw'em more in future. School year just have begun so it's not really that easy, even if these are first days, trust me. I hope that I'll find some free time to draw things, I had so much time during summer holidays and no ideas, and now I have ideas but no time. I guess it just can't be helped tho' </3
Hope you like it~

If I made any mistake in description please correct me, English is not my native language ;w;

Nath- mine
Jax- SourWolfie's oc :heart:
Noel by Sesemonda
New oc, for rp group. Really nice, because it's with the postapocalypse theme~ o v o
:iconradioactive-attaint: agh, gotta make character card ;A; 
Yus, transtlated version's here, because card isn't gonna be in English~

Serial number: 50
Name: Noel
Sex: Male
Height: 1.69 cm
Weight: 51 kg
Special features: scar in the right corner of his mouth does this carrot-orange hair counts?
Special abilities: * better stamina- constant changes and efford made him really tough, so he gets tired slower
* better agility and speed- after scientists saw, that Noel is more flexible than kids in his age they started to do painfuly tests and experiments; their effects can be seen: he can bend his body at ease in sometimes really hurtful positions (yeah, for normal human being it hurts to just look at him then x'D ); he also achieves his maximal speed faster so it helps him to escape
Goals: wants to stay alive as long as he can do it, protect people he cares about
Character: He's really mistrustful at the begginig and has problems with making new friends. When he opens to somebody Noel's very faithful and devoted, it's just only to small group of people. To others he can be really rude and unpleasant, he also doesn't have problems with using them for his own benefits
Extra info:
- little cutthroat OvO
- practically blind on his left eye; defect caused by one of experiment (his both eyes are green, but right is darker than left)
- he relies more on his hearing, which really got better since his seight isn't very good
- he might be small and thin, but loves to eat, eats a lot; that's my he often rival with Ivan for food, yo :'D
- he's not used to low temperatures, gets cold very quickly, that's why he always has his thick cape with him to get warm
- has tendency to obsessions and psychosis, especially when he fails really badly at something or experiences shocking event; during these attack he's really unpredictable, sometimes  violent and hastily draws conclusions (that often happen to be wrong); he doesn't really remember what happens during attacks
Weapons: two butterfly knives + pocket knive

Yup, psycho redhead, I needed somebody like this is my oc pack, huehuehue, I regret nothing~ :icondugeplz:

Ah, also if I made any mistakes in descriptions please correct me, I'm still learning English tho~ :iconiloveitmoreplz:
:: RA :: Noel by Sesemonda
:: RA :: Noel

Numer seryjny: 50
Imię: Noel
Płeć: mężczyzna
Wiek: 16 lat
Wzrost: 1.69
Waga: 51 kg
Znaki szczególne: blizna w prawym kąciku ust,
czupryna marchewkoworudych włosów się

Umiejętności: * duża wytrzymałośćw wyniku
przeprowadzanych na nim eksperymentów oraz nieustannym poddawaniu
 dużo wolniej się męczy
* zwiększona zwinność i szybkość- tuż po tym, jak tafił do ośrodka
zauważono u niego zdolności w tym kierunku, zaczęto
go poddawać bolesnym próbom i eksperymentom,
których efekt można podziwiać dzisiaj: Noel jest w
stanie nie raz wygiąć się do tego stopia, że
normalnego człowieka aż boli ten widok, znacznie
szybciej również osiąga maksymalną szybkość podczas
biegu, co znacznie ułatwia mu ucieczkę z powodów
Cele: generalnie przeżyć jak najdłużej, ochronić
tych, na których mu zależy
Charakter: Z początku bywa nieufny, ma problemy z
przełamaniem się, nawiązywaniem nowych znajomości.
Gdy już się otworzy jest bardzo wierny i oddany,
jednak tylko dla małego grona osób. Dla innych zaś
może być bardzo nieprzyjemny, nie ma większych
problemów z wykorzystywaniem ich wyłącznie dla
swoich korzyści.
Dodatkowe informacje:
- mały nożownik o v o <3
- praktycznie ślepy na lewe oko, defekt wywołany
jednym z eksperymentów
- polega bardziej na słuchu, który uległ u niego
znacznemu wyostrzeniu, po tym, jak jego wzrok się
- mimo swojego wzrostu i wagi dużo je (przez co
Ivan rywalizuje z nim o żarcie, joł)
- kiepsko radzi sobie z niskimi temperaturami,
łatwo może ulec wyziębieniu, temu zawsze ma przy
sobie grubą pelerynę, żeby się nią okryć
- ma skłonność do obsesji i popadania w stan
psychozy, zwłaszcza, gdy doświadczy miażdżącej
porażki, lub gdy przytrafi mu się coś, co nim mocno
wstrząśnie; podczas takich napadów bywa bardzo
nieobliczalny, czasami agresywny i bardzo pochopnie
wyciąga wnioski, często niesłuszne, średnio
pamięta, co dzieje się podczas ataków
Broń: dwa noże motylkowe (tak, bawi się
nimi przy byle okazji ;v;' ) + scyzoryk

SourWolfie dziękiś bardzo bardzo za pomoc :heart:

Just in case- translated version here ;v; :


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Moving blogs on tumblr, I need a change.
If you like, you can follow me here
Kinda empty. Brand new. Gotta add my art tag. Well, yeah, that's pretty much all.
  • Mood: Hopeless

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